Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Grey Holi

Grey Holi

Holi is meant to be played with colours throwing upon others mixed in water and applying dry colour powder on friends and relatives. But I saw daily wages labour who were working only with grey colour to meet their ends. Yeah, the labourers were busily mixing concrete to fill in the plinth beam for the construction of house using cement, sand, mud and baby stones along with water which covered them wholly with grey colour.

It was around 11 am where I had to replace my husband who got  an urgent call from his office at the construction of the house site. As soon as I reached the construction site I saw the labourers working with dedication and strength with shouting and laughing to motivate themself which was quite new for me. I was astound by their motivation towards the work.

But then I saw girls and boys all around the construction site with colours on them playing with their friends and celebrating holi in a traditional way. When they walked and passed by the road I could see a different picture when they crossed the labourers. I found that the labourers were covered with whole grey colour and others with colours.

Everyday it is a grey holi for the workers while it is a one day colourful play for people like us. I thought how hard they were working to meet their ends daily with grey colour. Thats the difference between people like us who are educated and non educated labourers. I felt very bad and was down for sometime but at the end of their work all I could do was make them happy with tea and biscuits and with their “kushi” money (thats the way they surrounded me and asked).  I was not able to deny as they worked with their full energy to build our house. I felt that instead of we spending money on pizza and other unwanted expenses why not give that money for them so that their stomach is filled with food and heart filled with colourful happiness.

I too was taken back to childhood memories where i used to play holi with my elder sister and other friends. Later I and my son drove back home watching all around the road where people were playing with colours and enjoying holi. Happy grey holi !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Landing into a first job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell me about yourself, your family, education etc............... call letters, personal meeting, telephonic interviews, tensed mood, perspiration, blah blah blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The above words might be similar to those who have landed into a job and for those who are working. I have been in search of a job for the past 3-4 months vigorously. Searching and applying for jobs which suits for me through job portals. For a fresher to land into a job is like fight in a war with strong battle. With lots of confusion, my mind is wandering here and there. This is the case for young budding lawyers like me.

During interview whether I spoke properly, whether I described myself in a well manner........ how do I face my senior to whom I said I would join the very next day and didnt join due to another interview call I had to attend. What will he think of myself, like the very first day I have made a bad impression without joining. On the other side I was quite excited as I got at least a telephonic interview. So many confusions are itching my mind and that too for a fresher to decide is a bit difficult job.

I made some mistakes, learning through mistakes yes! am totally confused upon my activities. I made a blunder by not joining as a junior while studying my under graduation B.L, which every student must join as internee or as junior. This was also highlighted in the article titled "Finding the perfect fit" in The Hindu newspaper which can be read here. As you join as a junior and work under a senior advocate, you get to know about the pragmatic approach of law. Its not late though ......................Better late than never !!!!!!!!! for those who didnt work as a junior.

On the whole take quick and progressive for a better career future.......................

Saturday, October 15, 2011

19 heads in a statue........................

You all would have encountered to look at statues with 9 or 10 or even 15 heads. But I saw a statue with 19 heads that is wall mounted. This picture was taken near Tirupathi Balaji Temple situated in Ahmedabad. Next to that Temple there is a Mandapam, and this statue is wall mounted at the entrance of that Mandapam. I was astound, surprised , dumbstruck after seeing this and thought I would share with you all. Have you seen a statue like this before????????????